Exciting news!! our album Falls the Shadow will be released today  9th April on Luminol Records - available on all digital platforms and on CD with bonus track on Bandcamp @ https://thearboretum.bandcamp.com/


Special thanks to Greta Thunberg for granting us permission to use her vocal samples on our new single Liquid Planet

All of our singles are available to stream on Spotify or can be download from Bandcamp @ https://thearboretum.bandcamp.com/


CD in jewel case featuring 3 bonus tracks and gate fold sleeve available via Bandcamp @ https://thearboretum.bandcamp.com/




Slap Magazine's Review of Liquid Planet October 2020 


A piercingly relevant and paramount track........ undoubtingly a political testimony surrounding the current issue of climate change.

Slap Magazine's Review of Beyond This Horizon Sept 2020


 It’s like an epic, wide-screen, post-electronica gothic that aims to lift you out of yourself, almost as an out of body experience.

Slap Magazine's Review of Emergence Sept 2020


The sonic space is squeezed and squeezed until you can’t feel the breath in your body or your mind .

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