Chris's Guitar Set Up

Laney Lionheart L5 Studio – Pure Class A 5W; Marshall 1x12 

Self-built Custom Pedal Board including:   Strymon Timeline, BlueSky & Sunset, 2xPSU’s;   Eventide Modfactor  ;  Boss ES8 - Controller, SL20 - Slicer, CS2 - Compressor/Sustainer (1980’s model); Klon Centaur clone; T.REX Tremster; Polytune; Vocalist vocal processor; Rockboard Mod 1 I/O 

Guitars:   Fender Telecaster 1978; Fender Stratocaster – 1975

Keith's Bass Set Up

TC Electronics 500 watt head through a Trace Elliot 2x10 cab and a TC Electronics 1 x 15 cab. 

Line 6 HD 500X fx pedal using custom made sound patches

Fender Precision 1975

Keith's Live Keyboard Set Up

M- Audio Oxygen 49 midi contoller keyboard

IPad using a variety of applications - imachine 2, iprophet, iMini, iVCS3, iGrand Piano, Tabletop