Slap Magazine's Review of Liquid Planet October 2020

A piercingly relevant and paramount track........ undoubtingly a political testimony surrounding the current issue of climate change.

Slap Magazine's Review of Beyond This Horizon Sept 2020

 It’s like an epic, wide-screen, post-electronica gothic that aims to lift you out of yourself, almost as an out of body experience.

Slap Magazine's Review of Emergence Sept 2020

The sonic space is squeezed and squeezed until you can’t feel the breath in your body or your mind .

Slap Magazine's review of Cortex July 2020

The imploring and beseeching voice is for me the sound of twitter, Facebook, the BBC, Instagram, state-briefings, fake news, election rallies and those poorly labelled slides…collective moral panic.

Slap Magazines review of Parallaxis June 2020

''the louder it is the better it sounds''  

''it is a thoughtfully produced ‘hard hitting rock dance groove’  with nice effects; all throbbing synths/guitars, ‘grimy bass’ and drums''

 Read Slap Magazines fab review of Bone-Saw May 2020

Pressing play…the inhuman industrialised wall of electronica contrasts with the sensitive and the ethereal breathless human voice…this is Munch’s the Scream put to music.