Pressing play…the inhuman industrialised wall of electronica contrasts with the sensitive and the ethereal breathless human voice…this is Munch’s the Scream put to music. ”

— Slap Magazine May 2020

Intense, original genre defining music, The Arboretum combine stunning visuals with a rich and powerful Alt-Rock/Post-Punk/Psych-Rock sound where electronic sequences combine with powerful industrial rhythms, searing guitars & dirty driving bass lines. 

The Arboretum’s sound has been compared to PIL, NIN, Killing Joke & Hawkwind: They have built a really strong reputation for themselves over the past few years supporting Hawklords, V2A, Pink Diamond Review & Inkkubus Sukkabus .They perform regularly in Worcester at the Marrs Bar, Drummonds & Paradiddle's and have also been gigging in Reading, Banbury, Malvern, Chatham & Bristol. They have performed regularly at Worcester Music Festival and have also appeared at Nozstock, Malvern Rocks Festival, V2A Fest & Cwm Fest. The Arboretum have also been featured regularly on BBC Hereford & Worcester

As quoted in a recent SlapMag review: 'Their music is a propulsive wave of Psych Rock, Trance, and Post Punk sound hurtling at you from an eerily lit stage, resulting  in a thoroughly absorbing experience. The one thing you can be sure of about this band is that your eyes, as well as your ears,  are in for a treat as the highly imaginative back projection mirrors the content of each track.'